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Cash Flow Improvement

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Cash Flow Improvement
State of the art solutions for your business.
Integrity Payment Systems has created four cash-flow improvement services that we offer to our clients. These services have been created in response to what we have observed as a merchant’s most common business problems. As a direct settlement institution, we do have greater leeway than most credit card processors in which to create benefits that will help businesses grow and prosper. In accordance with our mission to be a Premier Provider while keeping costs low and offering added value, we’ve created the following services:

Integrity EasyPaySM – Integrity’s unique service that helps you take care of your recurring payments easily and painlessly plus smooth out your monthly cash flow in the process. It doesn’t matter whether you want to pay franchise fees, taxes, your key vendors, or even reduce debt by catching up with a past due account. Integrity can make it happen for you. All you need to do is watch as your cash flow is smoothed out during the month.

Integrity AutoSaveSM – AutoSave is a way to make automatic, frequent, small payments to yourself. You determine the percentage you’d like to save, we deposit your funds directly into whatever savings account you choose, and your nest egg is built up over time. Many business owners find that automatically putting aside a small amount is painless – much like saving pocket change – but the benefits to their business and to their future turns out to be enormous!

Overnight Money Express – For retail business owners, cash flow is a significant concern. There are times when waiting for the money from your credit card and PIN debit transactions can be more than inconvenient… it can cost you! How fast can you get your money with Integrity Payment Systems? Tomorrow morning! Overnight Money Express is a new technology-based service, exclusively from Integrity Payment Systems.

If you already process with Integrity: To find out more about any or all of our Cash Flow Improvement solutions, simply call customer service at 888-501-1179.

If you do not already process with Integrity: We’ll be happy to go into detail with you about all of our benefits and services. Because we are a direct service provider, we can offer you a free, no obligation evaluation of your existing credit card pricing to see that you are currently being priced properly. We’ll give you the truth, whether the news is good or not so good. Simply call 888-501-1179 for assistance.