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Fraud Prevention

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Fraud Prevention
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Are you ready for the holiday season? Will your next card present transaction be naughty or nice? How about card present? Help get prepared with the resources below, and have a great (safe) holiday selling season.

According to Forbes, the U.S. and Mexico have the highest rates of credit card and debit card fraud in the world. An estimated 42% of people in the United States have experienced credit card fraud and 37% have experienced debit card fraud in the last five years.

Credit card fraud doesn’t just affect the consumers – it also has a serious effect on American merchants – to the tune of $190 billion annually.

Integrity takes fraud seriously!

There is no magical credit card processing system to prevent credit card fraud – prevention is dependent on consumers and merchants being educated about the problem and how to stop it. Awareness is everything. Merchants can no longer afford to assume it isn’t their responsibility.

Every day, we talk to merchants who have been scammed. All merchants are subject to it; nobody is immune.

We are fully aware of the problems credit card and debit card fraud can cause merchants and we want the merchants we work with to be educated in order to prevent being victimized by the fraudsters.

Mitigate your risk – know the best practices you can use at the point-of-sale to reduce your exposure to counterfeit transactions. Learn the checkpoints you can put in place to protect yourself in the event that a card is not present when a transaction is processed.