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Gift Cards
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Gift Cards

Integrity Payment Systems offers the latest in gift cards and loyalty programs.

Gift cards are a great way of building your business. Research has shown that people tend to spend more at your business than the value of the gift card. With Integrity, you can develop a gift card program that will engage your customers and motivate return visits so shopping at your location has a chance to become habitual.

Plus, when customers buy gift cards as a present for others, they are encouraging others to try your establishment. You make money and you get the opportunity of welcoming a new customer to your business.

If your business is new to gift cards, we have a “starter program” to help you launch your first effort. If gift cards have already proven successful for your business then we have customized programs and cards that can meet whatever your needs may be. We also offer loyalty programs at no additional cost with purchase of our gift card program.

Additionally, Integrity offers flexible solutions that integrate with your POS system to ensure a smooth redemption process.

If you already process with Integrity: To find out more about our gift card solutions, simply call customer service at 888-501-1179.

If you do not already process with Integrity: We’ll be happy to go into detail with you about our gift card program or about all of our benefits and services. Because we are a direct service provider, we can offer you a free, no obligation evaluation of your existing credit card pricing to see that you are currently being priced properly. We’ll give you the truth, whether the news is good or not so good. Simply call 888-501-1179 for assistance.