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System Integration

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System Integration
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With the broad range of virtual technology available today, merchants do not have to spend time hand-entering transactions into QuickBooks. With Integrity you can easily integrate your credit card transactions into QuickBooks saving you time and aggravation.

By integrating your accounting system with your credit card transactions, you can immediately see an improvement in your work day, which translates into the effectiveness and profitability of your business. Integration gives you a complete view of your customer, including the billing status, invoices and payments made. Avoid all the extra work, and get your up-to-date information easily added to your QuickBooks system.

Integrity offers QuickBooks integration as one of the many benefits to our customers – you choose us as your provider of Credit Card Processing and we provide you with Premier Benefits. The savings of time and effort gained through QuickBooks integration can be a welcome and sizable benefit to merchants!

If you already process with Integrity: To begin this service, simply call customer service and work with our specialist.

If you do not already process with Integrity: We’ll be happy to explain QuickBooks integration and our other premium and value-added services in more detail, as well as provide you with a free, no obligation evaluation of your existing credit card pricing to see that you are currently being priced properly. Simply call 888-501-1179 for assistance.